“The past has no power over the present moment.” ― Eckhart Tolle

With the New Year comes a sense of rejuvenation and a revival in spirit. We make resolutions to better ourselves; work out more, eat healthy, work more efficiently, spend more time with family, read more books, etc. All of these goals are attainable, yet by March they are usually forgotten. The everyday tasks, workload and daily dramas have a way of taking over our lives and suffocating our resolutions.  Let’s take a stand this year for our resolutions, and don’t let them fade away.

For me personally, my resolution is about living by my calendar. I juggle a full time job, developing my own company (Onesta), family, community volunteer work, exercise, and adventure trips. Most of the time I am just jumping from one predicament to the next. This year I want to make a change and be prepared and ready for each day, which will give me more peace of mind. So, everything goes into a calendar and I am holding myself accountable to keeping my calendar commitments. Sounds easy right?

Onesta’s big promise is creating a wine club this year. It is in the infancy brainstorming stage right now and will be ready to launch this spring. The club will be more than the normal wine club offerings of wine and recipes. It will involve exclusive events, Napa insider benefits, and Living Onesta!

Take time to seriously think about your resolutions for this year and commit to them. Share them with friends and family, put events in your calendar that keep you committed to your resolution, post a quote or word on your bedroom wall or in your car that reminds you of your commitment. If you think about it, the resolutions that we make are not things we want to change for just one year, most of the time they are big lifelong changes we are trying to make. Be honest with yourself, hold yourself accountable, and these resolutions will stick.