As of recent, the idea of family has become an evolving concept for me. Where family used to be a more static or closed loop definition, now there is change. I guess this process really started over a year ago with my divorce. At first, it felt like a loss of a major appendage. Rather quickly I could see the potential for growth again, and the appendage started to grow back and creating Onesta was a serious part of that growth.

At the beginning of this year, my parents announced that they were ending their 38 year marriage. I can say without a doubt, that no one saw this coming. It was a big blow to the head for many.  So, once again the question of family dynamic was spinning like mad through my mind. I kept thinking “our family is shrinking, when we should be going through the growth phase!” To be honest, the only type of growth I was thinking about is the traditional kind; marriage of two single people followed by their children. I was blind to the modern family model…The Step Family.

Once again, after a period of only seeing loss, I can see a brightly lit avenue for exponential growth for our family. Who knows who my parents will fall in love with next? This new person could come with a giant family. I could have the older brother I always wanted! It won’t be the same as growing up together, but we will be family. I am excited at the possibility of adopting new family traditions and teaching others about ours. Having an open heart and an open mind for family, new and old, is my mantra this year.

Who knows what life will bring next? The one thing I know for sure, is that life keeps surprising me and it is thrilling! Sometimes the silver lining is hard to see, but it is there, don’t give up until you discover it. If nothing else, I hope this journal entry has inspired you to reflect on your own family dynamic.  Change is sometimes hard to embrace, but with change comes the potential for growth.    

Speaking of growth, the Onesta Family is growing exponential this year, expanding from 370 cases to 1000 cases.  I have added two new wines to the family line, a beautiful Rose and a spicy Grenache Blanc, each with their own distinct personality.  I hope you get a chance to drink and share these wines with your family this summer.  Look for the release letters soon!